Victorinox SwissCard

The SwissCard is a credit card size multi-tool. It was introduced in 1997 and since then Victorinox produced SwissCards in different colors, variations and models.

Models & Variations

* There are two more models: SwissCard Visor & SwissCard Money Clip. They are almost the same as SwissCard (Gen.2) but instead of 'Nail File with Screwdriver Tip' they contains 'Visor Clip' & 'Money Clip' respectively.

  • 1997 SwissCard
  • 2000 Protractor added to the back of the rotary slide and front prints changed
  • 2000 SwissCard Quatro first appear
  • 2000 SwissCard Money Clip first appear
  • 2000 Victorinox patent.ap sent for translucent Swisscard
  • 2001 SwissCard Visor Clip first appear
  • 2001 Translucent SwissCard patent
  • 2003 or so change is made replacing blade
  • 2003 SwissCard Lite introduced
  • 2004 SwssCard Lite get Red Dot Award
  • 2008 Rotary slide removed
  • 2009 Red LED becomes white LED and also introducing 125 an. cards

  • Tools

    The different models contains different tools.

    SwissCard 1st generation contained screw-joint scissors while later those replaced by rivet-joint scissors.


    The SwissCard manufactured in a wide variety of colors: solid (Gray, Black, White and Red) or transparent (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Onyx, Amethyst and Pink).

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