Monster 58

Monster 58 used to be regular used MiniChamp but after feeding it with some used 58mm SAKs it became wider and here is what it looks now:

"Monster 58" project was born while doing a small research on what tools available in 58mm Victorinox SAKs.
During the research we saw that there are more then few 58mm tools and we thought why not build one SAK that will contain most of the tools as SwissChamp XXLT/XAVT for 91mm tools.

Note: During the research and project no NIB SAKs were injured or killed.


Monster 58 contains the following tools:
  1. Pen Blade
  2. Cut & Picker Blade w/ scraper
  3. Nail File w/ screwdriver tip
  4. Cuticle Pusher
  5. Screwdriver w/ Ruler
  6. Cap-Lifter w/ small flat screwdriver
    and wire stripper/bender
  7. Cap-Lifter w/ small flat screwdriver
  8. Cap-Lifter w/ small Philips screwdriver
    and wire stripper/bender
  9. Nail File w/ nail cleaner tip
  10. Scissors w/ screw joint
  11. Scissors w/ rivet joint
  12. Divot repair tool
  13. Emergency Blade
  14. 512MB USB Flash Drive
  15. Red LED (scale)
  16. Whistle (scale)

More Tools

"Monster 58" contains most tools and tools' variants available for 58mm SAKs but there are more:

Old Nail File w/ nail cleaner top

This tool's variant can be found in old 58mm saks.
Cap-Lifter w/ small Torx screwdriver and wire stripper/bender

Produced in 2003 for a special run of 6'000 SAKs for Nokia.
Memory-Modul 64MB - 16GB
with/without biometric fingerprint sensor.

More Scales

"Monster 58"'s scales are two standard red scales with Victorinox logo that contains Tweezers and Toothpick.
There are other scales available with different tools:

  1. Toothpick
  2. Tweezers
  3. Removable pen
  4. Retractable Pen
  5. Retractable Stylus
7. Laser Pointer
6. White LED
8. Bluetooth remote

More Ideas

While building Monster 58 we tried to max the amount of tools it contains and three ideas came up:

1. Inline Retractable Pen / Stylus:
Create two custom spacer based on the Retractable Pen scale and place them in both sides of the flash drive so it will be possible to open/close the pen/stylus easily.

This idea was almost implemented but because some technical difficulties it was dropped.

2. Inline Tweezers and Toothpick:
Create a custom spacer for containing tweezers and toothpick.

This idea was dropped after dropping the first one.

3. Inline LED light:
Create a custom spacer base SwissCard lite LED mechanism.

This idea wasn't even got close to implementing but we don't see why it won't be possible.

If you manage to implements any one of those ideas we would love to hear about it.

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