VICTORINOX Swiss Army Knife Collectors Society

Club Mission Statement

We, the members of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Collectors Society are dedicated to fostering the interest in, and the knowledge and history of Victorinox Swiss Army Brand knives. The club will encourage and support those who are interested in and collect this brand of knives, and will act as a clearinghouse for information and related activities.

The club will publish a quarterly newsletter and offer members a limited edition club knife each year. The club will offer additional benefits in the future.

Though being a collector is not a membership requirement, the club encourages all members to become involved in buying, selling and trading knives, as well as in exchanging information about these knives with other members. The membership list will be made available upon request to members only.

We are actively seeking new members, and invite you to contact us as follows:
Please do not forget to tell us your postal address.
Victorinox Sakcs
P.O. Box 145 / USA - Cochrane, WI 54622-0145
or E-mail:

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