91mm Tools Evolution

Small Blade
1. (pre 1973) small clip point blade
2. (1973-Now) small pointed tip blade
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Combo Tool
(Since 1986) Combo Tool
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Divot Repair Tool
(1992-1999) Divot Repair Tool
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1. (pre 1975) 5 loops fluted corkscrew
2. (1973-1991) 4 loops fluted corkscrew
3. (1991-now) 4 loops solid corkscrew
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Phillips screwdriver (Backspring)
1. (1952-????) square, file, no can-key
2. (????-1975) square, no file, no can-key
3. (1975-1986) square, no file, can-key
4. (1986-1992) round, can-key
5. (1992-now) round, no can-key

Year information reported by Peter Kellerhoff. Thank you.

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Can Opener
1. (1891-1946) Can Opener
2. (1946-1951) PAT. Can Opener
3. (1951-1980?) new PAT. with small screwdriver
4. (1980?-Now) no PAT. logo
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Cap Lifter
1. (1942-1951) cap lifter with screwdriver
2. (1951-1980?) adds wire stripper and bender
3. (1980?-1985) drop wire stripper
4. (1985-Now) 90 lock
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1. (pre 1961) reamer
2. (1961-1985) reamer with cutting edge
3. (1985-Now) reamer with sewing eye
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1. (1902-1975) Single spring and screw joint
2. (1975-1992) Double spring and screw joint *
3. (1992-2000?) Double spring and rivet joint *
4. (2000?-Now) Double spring and rivet joint **

* Scissors with guiding groove since 1990.
** left handle end is a little thinner.

There are more (older) variations of the scissors. The information about them will be added in time.

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Multipurpose Hook
(since 1991) multipurpose hook
(since 1998) multipurpose hook with file *

* on some models (like Compact). other models still using the hook without file.

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Long Nail File
(1942-2000?) Long Nail File
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Fish Scaler
1. (1952-1975?) Fish Scaler with magnatic tip
2. (1975?-1985/6?) adds ruler
3. (1985/6?-Now) drop magnatic tip *

* variation 3 looks like variation 2.

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Wood Saw
1. (1902-1950?) with nail nick
2. (1950?-1970?) without nail nick
3. (1970?-Now) sawtooth changed
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Fine Screwdriver (Backspring)
1. (1977-1985) fine screwdriver
2. (1985-Now) fine screwdriver
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Metal file
1. (1952-1975?) metal file
2. (1975?-1990?) metal file with nail cleaner
3. (1990?-2005) metal file with nail cleaner
4. (2005-Now) metal file stainless grinded
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(1985-Now) chisel
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Magnifying Glass
1. (1973-????) 8x magnifying glass
2. (2004-Now) 5x magnifying glass
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Phillips Screwdriver
1. (1973-Now) phillips screwdriver
2. (2002-Now) shorter phillips screwdriver

Phillips Screwdriver v.1 combined with magnifying glass while Phillips Screwdriver v.2 combined with LED light.

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LED light
(2002-Now) LED light
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1. (1986-1988) 2.5mm width pliers
2. (1988-1995) 3mm pliers with no crimper
3. (1995-Now) 3mm pliers with crimper
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Pharmaceutical Spatula
(1992-Now) Pharmaceutical Spatula
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Bits Wrench
(1999-Now) bit wrench and bit case
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(2002-2005) LaserFlame lighter
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Shackle / Keyring
1. (1902-1968) shackle
2. (1968-1991?) keyring on lining (corkscrew layer)
3. (1991?-Now) keyring on spring (reamer layer)
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1. (1902-1957) nickel silver tweezers
2. (1957-1978) aluminium tipped tweezers
3. (1978-Now) plastic tipped tweezers
4. (2001-Now) plastic tipped small tweezers *

* used with electronics scales.

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(1902-Now) toothpick
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1. (1983-2000/3?) Mini-Screwdriver
2. (2000/3?-2008/9?) head changed
3. (2008/9?-2009) No "PAT"
4. (2009-Now) hexagonal shape and shorter
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Ballpoint Pen
(1985-Now) ballpoint pen
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(1991-Now) pin
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Swiss Watch
1. (1990-????) Roman numerals
2. (????-2007) Arabic numerals
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(2000-2008) Altimeter electronics
(2001-Now) Voyager electronics
(2005-Now) Traveller electronics
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