Victorinox 108mm Overview

Between the years 1976 and 2003 Victorinox produced the GAK (German Army Knife) in the size of 108mm.
The GAK was the first model in the series of the 108mm knives and the first knife who used nylon scales.
Victorinox used the GAK design in order to create civilian models (the GAK cevilian model name is Trooper).
Most of the 108mm models is no longer produced and become collectors' items.

Models & Variations

Here are few models from my collection:

Special Editions

Mauser was made between 1984 and 2001. About 240,000 pieces were made.
Walther was made in 1996-97. Only 4,972 pieces were made. (The only 108mm knife with black scales)
Fireman was made between 1994 and 1998. Only 2380 pieces were made.
(Fireman has the same tool set as Safari Hunter with Serrated Gutter)


The different models contains different tools.

* The reamer (8) and corkscrew (7) are back spring tools that goes in the same layer as the blade (1) and the Combination tool (4/5) respectively.


The GAK has olive drab green naylon scales with Greman Army Eagle logo imprinted (top left).
All civilian models (except Mauser) can be found with drab red naylon scales with cross imprinted (top right).
Trooper can be found with olive drab green scales as well as red nylon (bottom left).
Safari Hunter can be found with stag scales as well as red nylon (bottom right).
Mauser can be found with olive drab green naylon scales with Mauser logo print in white.

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